The World at Night (TWAN) is an international project for displaying the amazing beauty of the night sky.

This project is a bridge among art, science, and culture. It was established by Babak A. Tafreshi in 2009 which was designated as the world astronomy year by the UNESCO and hailed as the select project of the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO. The permanent secretariat of  TWAN in Iran is located in Zanjan. This secretariat headed by Assadollah Ghamainejad, a veteran astrophotographers, has been able to hold regular TWAN events in Iran since 2009.

The secretariat of TWAN announces a photography festival in two main categories: Night sky and Deep sky plus a Nature category on the sidelines.

This festival aims at encouraging professional astrophotographers to create valuable works, creating an opportunity for the amateur photographers to show case their abilities and become recognized by the community.

The  selected photos will be displayed in an exhibition which will be held alongside the 7th  TWAN event in Iran.